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Introduction: Alternative Canvas

There is added value in works of art using scrap materials, a value that goes beyond the artistic dimension and relates to the sphere of ethics, ecology and the symbolism. And in the work of Andrea Boriani are the electronic wastes to become support and raw material, experiencing a real release 2.0.

Combining the passions of art and computing Andrea has developed his own style based on mixed using markers, spray paint, enamel, acrylic paint, spray plaster. The subjects are mostly portraits, often of mythical characters such as superheroes marvel, clones starwars, the famous rock ... very geeky subjects for works that evoke the world of computing.

The process of making the usually with the selection of materials and the preparation craft of the "canvas" through the assembly of the floppy, the preparation of the motherboard, hard disk, of houses, etc.., And the implementation of the project, first developed to computer, media, thus produced.

Computer for almost twenty years, Andrea has always been fascinated by the possibility of being able to somehow recover waste electronic companies and public administrations. Today he did it, and at a time when the problem of disposing of electronic components, with the computerization spreads, becomes more and more urgent, but do not represent the solution his art is truly able to activate new circuits.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have used and use many kinds of recycled materials as a canvas, but this one is totally cool