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Introduction: Altiods Sewing Kit

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Here is a simple sewing kit to make for your purse or pocket. You can also use it when camping, the size and weight is easy to pack, and this can really come in handy when something rips!

You will need:
For making:
[] Altiods tin
[] big scissors
[] business card magnet
[] a little strong magnet
[] tape
[] card stock
For putting in it: (sewing tools)
[] different colors of thread
[] needles
[] needle threader
[] pins
[] thimble (unless you are skilled)
[] seam ripper (thanks Aliora9of9 )
[] buttons
[] little scissors

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Step 1: Top of the Tin (where the Needles Go)

This is for making the top of the tin.
1. Trace the bottom of the tin on thin paper. (tracing, lined, etc.) You may need to cut the big magnet into the right size, then place it on the top of the tin with the black side facing up. Glue or tape it on. (I'd recommend hot glue) then put the thin piece of paper on top of that, glue near the edges with small amounts.

2. Glue the little magnet on the middle of the top of the tin.

3. Your needles should stick to the paper, and the pins on the little magnet.

4. You can also decorate the paper on the top.

Step 2: Thread Tool

Get the card stock out. Cut a square that will fit in the Altoids tin with extra room. Cut slits on 2 sides of it about every quarter of an inch. Cut another one in between that, about half the size, but only on one side.

Take the most important color of thread, and start wrapping it in 2 of the slits. When finished cut and put the thread piece in the little slit.

Keep doing this till you've used all the slits.

Step 3: Throw Every Thing In!

Now just put every thing else in.

Now you're ready to sew on the go!

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    4 years ago

    I made one just to have a small sew kit in my hiking pack.. small yet very functional

    pie popper
    pie popper

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    you should be able to find one at any craft store in the sewing section. you might even find them in Wal-mart