Altoids Survival Kit





Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

this is my first instructable so feel free to add some critesism.
This is a pocket sized survival kit, made out of an altoids tin. There are probably thousands of them out there. And by all means customize your kit for your area & your personal preferances.

Step 1: Stuff Needed

To make our altoids survival kit we will need:
2 bandages
1 blued razor blade(makes the blade stay sharper longer) made by holding the razor in the blue part of the flame
1-5 packs of salt
1-5 packs of sugar
bobby pin
5 paper clips
4sagety pins
2 square feet of heavy duty aluminum foil
arrow head
sandwich bag
4 tylenol
2 rubberbands
3 feathers ( can be replaced with duct-tape if you want to save some space
match striker
button compass
personal info
neon orange tape
duct tape
5 matches
1 small pen
three strike on anything matches
1 quick strike lighter ( made by placing two butts of a match on a striker foling in half and duct-taping)
fishing line wrapped on b-day candle
two fishing weights
and the tin
not shown (boyscouts hot spark , small knife, small flashlight, steel wire)
also a survival kit cheat sheet. you can download this pdf at

Step 2: Packing It

first put the pdf cheat sheet on the bottom of the tin
next put the wire around the bottom inside edge of the tin
now your going to want to fold the foil until it can fit inside the tin. Then put the paper clips and bobby pins in the last fold of the foil

Step 3:

put the stuff in as flat as you can so you can fit as much stuff in as you can

Step 4:

almost done

(swith sandwich bag to the other side 

Step 5: Finnally Done

now we put the last few peices in and were done
you might have take two rubberbands around the outside to help hold the tin down
you can aslo wrap some twine or paracord around the outside



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    14 Discussions

    I see you put a lot of thought into this kit so nicely done.

    However, most survivalists agree that you need a knife in a survival situation. I see you have a razor blade but those are quite frail. Have you considered adding a reliable knife? I recently uploaded an instructable that could offer you some ideas. :)

    what's the sugar for? i really like this ible, check out my kit at

    1 reply

    Sugar helps alot to clot wounds, also if i can ever find the time i will put up my updated version(its alot better)

    yeah, sure.

    I've been looking at a few survival tins thing you all might consider are some trick birthday candles - they're VERY hard to blow out and in fact are waterproof (until you place them IN water apparently lol!)

    have? you ever gone fly fishing? if so then you will have a basic idea of how to use it. you basiclly just tie it to the line and draw back a lot longer to let the line get out then start fishing

    1 reply

    thats nice for you but i like to have my kits filled with anything i might need.
    .22 rounds? what are they in aid of

    3 replies

    oh is that what that is hey would you mind posting a link on how to make or where to buy one of those