Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Introduction: Altoids Tin Survival Kit

About: I am a teen that can make cool things. I like bushcraft and shooting. waiting for the grid to collapse.

a survival kit in a small kit with basic survival needs.

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Step 1: Materials

what you need

fishing line: wrap around small cylinder ( dental floss cylinder)

paracord: small bundle

lighter: fire source

small knife: for cutting

tin foil: for water purification, food cooking and reflection

small bag: holding tinder, water or food

cotton: for fire starting

blade: for making tools

Step 2: Placement

flat things first then non flat things you might have to get moving around a lot but you will be able to get it in the Altoids tin

The lighter in the Para Cord bundle will be the hardest because they're the biggest

You should roll the cotton into smaller pieces so they won't take up that much room

Once you have it all in there try to close it and see if it fits

Step 3: Time to Test

Go to your local words and use everything in it to see if it works out right paracord alone has a lot of uses and with a knife you can do a lot of things you can even catch fish with the fishing line.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I am guessing your paracord is for securing whatever,good to have.Your fishing line isn't of much use without a hook or some type lure such as a small jig perhaps,or maybe a sewing needle for sutures or repairing a lost button,etc. otherwise a decent starter kit,I also agree with ajensen about the lighter a magnesium stick would be much better imo. Keep working on it you are getting the basics.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I was trying not to make it as complex as it could be. like this is like the basic basic kit. and on me I have my magnesium along with another small kits.


    5 years ago

    yeah I made this as part of my emergency kit. but I decided I needed a sturdy knife and more ways to make fire than just a lighter bc if the flint gets wet your screwed. but I guess for some basics its a good start