Amazing Heart-shaped Valentine's Breakfast Egg

Introduction: Amazing Heart-shaped Valentine's Breakfast Egg

this delicious, nutritious heart-shaped egg is perfect for serving to your significant other on valentine's morning as part of a balanced valentine's breakfast. amazingly, no special bird is required to lay these eggs. the heart-shape is obtained using an ordinary hen's (chicken's) egg and a little human imagination and dexterity :)
p.s. this instructable comes to you fresh from the kitchen of italian chef extraordinaire (yes i know that's a french expression) alvise who has wrenched himself away from bubbling pots of pasta and cassoela to share his creative culinary secrets with you.

Step 1: Boil Some Eggs

first things first: boil some eggs. although this instructable requires only 1 egg, it is best to use 2 or 3 (with the extra eggs acting as 'spares' because mishaps do happen when they are least required or expected). to boil the eggs, you will need a pan of cold water. put eggs into pan and bring to a simmer (or gentle boil). cook for 2 minutes to achieve yolks of the slightly runny consistency shown in the main image, or 3 minutes for firmer yolks. once the eggs have been cooked to perfection, shell them by tapping lightly onto a hard surface or with a blunt implement to crack the shell and then break/peel off the shell and the membrane that lines it.

Step 2: Get Your Equipment Together

> 2 rubber bands
> a pen, which has been washed thoroughly and dried, or a rod of similar proportions (if a pen is thought to be unsuitable for use in food preparation)
> a piece of stiff cardboard roughly the same length as the pen and about 10cm across. fold the carboard lengthwise
> a piece of aluminium foil big enough to cover the cardboard. cover the cardboard with the foil to prevent it from getting soggy or leaving bits of cardboard fibres on your egg

Step 3: Assemble the Heart-making Contraption!

mould the egg! place the egg lengthwise onto the aluminium-covered cardboard, along the fold. the fold will make a sort of "V" shape (v for valley!). the egg sits inside this "V". then, with one hand, hold the pen on top of the egg, directly above the fold in the cardboard. with free hand, use the rubber bands to fasten the pen onto the carboard on 2 sides, as shown in the diagram. leave aside for five minutes, to allow the pen to make an impression.

Step 4: Et Voila!

the finished egg. (not quite so beautiful and amazing and appetising yet). see the impression made by the pen? cut the egg in half right across that impression (i.e. horizontally). place each half artistically on a plate, so that the yolks are visible ... and there you have it! a heart-shaped egg, perfect for valentines day or any of the other, less special, 364/5 days of the year! :)

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