Introduction: Ambrosia

I'm KOUKUN which did an entry from Japan

See my trick "ambrosia"

How to.
1. A string is wound so that left hands may become a thumb, a forefinger and the middle finger. (like triple or nothing)
2. A forefinger is pulled out.
3. Dismount, and it is put on the string of the right hand thumb.
4. A string is spread, and a yo-yo is turned, and put on the left thread, and returned.
5. Dismount, and I turn it to the left greatly and do a trapeze
6. Do roller coaster.
7. It hops, and grind with its right hand, and a yo-yo is put on the nearest string.
8. The string of the left hand thumb is removed, and a tower is built with one hand.
9. Suicide, and make a reverse green triangle. And it become the green triangle when you move a string.
10. Please bind it.

I'm sorry, I think that there is an error and so on because I can't speak English well.
As for the details, see this video.



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