Amigurumi Ghost

About: Industrial Design student at Eindhoven University of Technology

this little amigurumi ghost is easy and fun to make.
It's nice to give away as a little present.
If you have made this ghost, I would love to see pictures.

i'm not really good at writing patterns or so, but I've tried :).
Row 1. start with 4 sc
Row 2. inc. in each sc
Row 3. inc. first sc, sc next one, repeat for this row
Row 4. inc. first sc, sc next two, repeat for this row
Row 5. inc. first sc, sc next three, repeat for this row
Row 6/14. sc around
Row 15 inc. in each sc.
start with 3 and increase till it fits

sew the bottom to the ghost, fill it up, give him a face
You have finished yor amigurumi ghost :)

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