An Incredibly Inexpensive Test Lead Organizer

Introduction: An Incredibly Inexpensive Test Lead Organizer

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I'm almost embarrassed to submit this because it is so simple, but a friend saw it in my place and thought it was a clever idea which others would appreciate.

Instead of a box of tangled test leads I've got an extremely simple organizer - a $1 wire basket nailed to the wall.

The basket was obtained at a local $1 discount store.

I used a handful of wire staples but almost anything will do - clips designed for coax cable, fender washers and drywall screws, etc.

Alligator clips clip to the basket's wires. Other leads are just hanging from the basket.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    When I thought about how I wanted to store my jumpers I had a lot of elaborate ideas. I finally ended up going with a piece of bare wire to hang them all of off myself. I cut out the cluttered background so maybe you could make it out a little better. Maybe not. More pictures of it here.