An Old Fence Made Into a Simple Cedar Chest




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my workshop neighbors own a fence company. i get to pick through their scraps and tear-down pile. i'm a lucky man!

i made this chest out of nice 1X4" cedar boards that were torn down. the ends were pretty rough but most of the wood was still in good shape.

the construction is basic and simple. you don't even have to cut the fancy mitered corners; you could just use a 1X1" piece or something like that.

i experimented with glueing the sides together to make them like boards vs assembling them on the box itself. for the finished look, i don't think the pre-glueing was worth the effort (except the top, obviously). the boards may shrink and create gaps, but that's ok for a rustic piece like this.

thanks for watching and be sure to check out my channel.

be good,


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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction


    yea, the cedar pile is nice, but it's not as abundant as it appears; most of it is kinda rotten and unusable. ;-(

    thanks for watching,