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About: well im a student at california polythecnic university pomona studying engineering technology, i started my own bakery busines at age 17, i enjoy doing comunity service, and any water sport.

i hand painted this with food coloring on one of my mini cakes. it took me a while to paint it but so worth it! gthe only thing that im not satisfied with is the way the hair came but yeah. here my website were you can see my other cakes that i have made!home/mainPage 



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    I love anime I draw it when depressed which is a lot because I'm trying to quit cutting. can you give me ways to stop cutting?

    My birthday is coming so what should I do? My mom dose not like anime but my dad lets me watch it.

    OMG. How. Did. You. Do. That? That is epic on so many levels!

    Cute. I Am Myself A True Anime Fan, And That's Super Cute. I Am Actually Trying To Find A Way To Make A Lot Of Anime Cakes/Cupcakes Fast And Easy.... Any Ideas?