Another Handlebar Digital Camera Mount




Introduction: Another Handlebar Digital Camera Mount

there are a few different instructables on how you can mount a camera on your bike. i found another way to do so. this is my first instructable that i am making, so if there is anything wrong with it, im sorry. so lets get into making a camera mount.

first there are a few things you would need. these are all things that are acquireable around the house, or at the local hardware store for cheap. you will need a hose clamp(make sure it is pretty thick sideways), a 1/4 in. bolt and two nuts, washers, wrenches, a screwdriver, drill and 1/4 in. drill bit.

Step 1: Making the Mount

start by getting your hose clamp and flattening it out. once you do that, measure down about 1 inch from the top of where the screw is at thats used to tighten the clamp to the hose. make a mark right at the center of where the one inch mark is at. when that is done, drill a hole into it with the drill and drill bit. when the hole is made, make sure that the hole is clean and deburred. now on to assembly.

Step 2: Assembly Required

with the hole drilled out on the hose clamp, now its time to put everything together. to put it together, put the bolt through the hole on the bottom, then put the washers on it to space things out. then put the first nut on. make sure you tighten everything up with the wrenches. when you are done tightening everything up, put the second nut on, that nut will be used to lock the camera in place.

Step 3: Mounting It Up

so with the finished product, you should have a hose clamp with a 1/4 inch bolt sticking out of the side. to mount it, choose a spot on your handlebars, as long as your hose clamp can fit it. put the hose clamp on it for some grip so the mount wont move, put some electrical tape under it. tighten it down with the screwdriver. then it should be on there nice and solid.

Step 4: Test It Out

now you are all done. mount up your camera. use the extra nut to fasten the camera tightly to the mount so it doesnt spin around and move. you can mount it anywhere that it fits for you. thanks for reading and enjoy.

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