Anti Yo Submission 2 Laceration!!

Just my best laceration inspired by Ryosuke Iwasawa.. Let's pray he doesn't enter this contest.. jk.. lol

8 hit combo istruction:

Does it looks hard? Well it is actually but everyone can do it. Iwasawa said "nothing human can't do" while the other said he is not human..

how to do it? "Practice is the shortest way" Again quoted from iwasawa

as for the combo itself you must learn how to do all the element

hook, follow whip, 1,5 hook, reverse hook, cross arm trapeze, brent stole and infinite hook

just combine them all

mine :

cross arm
brent stole
1.5 hook
follow whip
hook for the final part.

that's it do it one by one and at more speed while you learning to get is smooth

remember :

practice is the shortest way..

hope you enjoy this video

happy yoyoing!!



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    This video is really cool. I hope to see more, every single yoyo video is just really cool.
    Nice job.