April Fools Cereal


Introduction: April Fools Cereal

this is a funny prank to play on anyone especially the younger ones here is what you will need

cocoa puffs or other same cereal type
the ball type dog food (perferrably spherical)
melted chocolate

Step 1: Setting Up

step 1 Empty cereal somewhere (I use plastic bag so it can be reused.)
step 2 Melt Chocolate
step 3 Pour melted chocolate into separate plastic bag along with dog food and shake until well mixed.
step 4 Allow to dry.
step 5 It will have formed clumps, separate them.
step 6 Pour into cereal bowl.



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    45 Discussions

     Dog food can taste 1 of 2 ways.
    1. dry
    2. oily

    ps. if someone asks you to do a contest on eating dog biscuits (learned from experience) wear long sleeves and do slide of hand(practice allot)

    4 replies

    Sleight of hand, not slide, also i do not know anyone who would challenge anyone to a dog food eating contest.

    yeah but you put dog food in there so that changes the name.

    yes, except dogs can't eat chocolate. or grapes for that matter.