Arduino Solar Timed Pool Heater

Introduction: Arduino Solar Timed Pool Heater

1st Excuse bad grammar/spelling....

Last year i decided to make a solar heater for my above ground pool ..

I purchased 400' of black PVC piping .. a pond pump .. and fittings ..

i had it running on a timer ,, that has 30 min on and off ,, which is not good ..

ideally you need to run the pump to only purge the hot water out of the hose and stop wait for water to warm up and repeat ...

Step 1: Solution

a wile ago i purchased Arduino uno to build automated blinds when sun comes up ..

so since you can program this small unit to do awesome things ,,

i decided to give it a try to make a timer for my pool ...

Step 2: The Set Up

wire up Arduino with a photocell and a relay switch ..

since photocell and relay work on a 5v i had to solder 2 cables as a V power supply ..

i am using a 9v battery to power the unit outdoors ,,

Uncertainty... how long wll the 9v battery last ... i will try to update once i figure it out,,

Step 3: Programing

so .. i programed the unit to run 5 minutes then 25 min to wait then repeat ,,,

Step 4: The Code

here is the code i am using ...

can you please take a look at my code and maybe make it more optimized...

but it works for now ...

what i wanted ,,

read the value of the photocell if it is day outside and sunny activate the relay ,, run the pump 5 min,.. then 15,20,25 min wait .. i was not sure what i wanted ,,, then wait few seconds then repeat the cycle ,,

i was thinking of adding a time module but the photocell will will do the trick.

Step 5: The End

this is my set up ....

it worked last year but running 30 min all the time it cooled off the water ,,,, but noticeable improvement

i hope that this time is more efficient and i get better results ..

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Why not just run it off the same power running to the pool filter?

    But good idea. I'll probably put your idea into practice on my pool. Thanks for the Instructable.