Quick launch bar

-Summary(what the quick launch bar is)

In windows vista and the editions below it,quick launch bar is equal to shortcuts,but it can be used expediently even though the desktop doesn't reveal.In windows 7 and the editions over it the 'lock in task bar' takes place of it.


The quick launch bar is usually below the catalog C:\user\(username)\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch


It can obviously increase the using efficiency

-How to add quick launch bar

So let's compare the way in windows XP with windows 7

1.In windows XP

Click the right mouse button in the white place of tool bar,click the 'rapid start',then you can see quick launch bar

2.In windows 7

Search 'Quick launch bar' in system disk,such as:local disk (c),then choose the username which you log in, the quick launch bar will appear

-Normal Problem

If you are in trouble that the quick launch bar misses,you can click the right mouse button in task bar,then you can find it in tool bar



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