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Introduction: Ark Reactors

there are my ark reactors from ironman
its a kind of hard to do this without no experience but i obtain a good result i think

well the most difficult for me was the perforated ring because i had to do it of paper heavy because i didn´t had an steel ring and make it appear like steel it was not easy and as how you can see i had to perforate and that took me a lot of tries

but finally i made it,  then i only paste it to the acrilico enrollado de alambre de cobre and paste the led´s  make a circuit and you have your own arc reactor from  mark 1

the steps to make the arc reactor  form mark 6 is almost the same just change the form and the number of led´s

the first you have to do is make all the things you need for example the out cover and paste it in to an circle acrilico and well y put some little screws to make it more realistic, then inside of the acrilico you need to put all the rest of things, the little triangle, and the other stuff.

i made a triangle circuit of led´s and i only need 3 of them, so were more cheap, and i paste it around the little triangle.

i hope you were liked and if you have a question,  i´ll try to answer it
and watch my other stuff i have made

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You made a slideshow, rather than a step by step... On the submit page step by step is the middle option... If you can some nicer images would be awesome as they look pretty cool...