Assassin's Creed Altair's Hidden Blade



Introduction: Assassin's Creed Altair's Hidden Blade

this is Altair's hidden blade
this is my video

Step 1: Materials

firstly,you need some wood ,extra need super glue , I prefer the AA plastic glue because it's ability is good and it could harden the wood as it can't broke easily, you also need a fishing line and a ring, you are
nessasary to get a silver spray paint ! And also some rubber band,an envelope opener as sharp as it can

Step 2: Draw the Size You Want

draw the size mine is 20:3:1.5
and use a cutter to cut it out

Step 3: Time to Make the Case

use your glue and make your hidden blade case out

Step 4: Blade

18cm long
follow the pictures and make it out

Step 5: Lock

use the rubber bands and attach the cover of the case ,and if the blade slides out ,the cover will become the lock

Step 6: Colouring

spray the silver colour on your blade

Step 7: Tie the Ring

tie the ring and the fishing line to the cover to open and close

Step 8: Done

have fun!

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