Attachments to the $6 Marshmallow Musket

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When I first read the $6 marshmallow musket instructable, I realized that it is limited to firing only small
projectiles, and you want to fire a whole range of objects from large potatoes, to tiny nails.Maybe you even want a lot more pressure and safety. This instructable will tell you how to do all these stuff and so on and so forth.

And it's mostly recycled, thus keeping the cost down to buying only the plumbers' tape

Oh wait, right, I almost forgot the disclaimer!

P.S. If you want it permanent, use epoxy to seal it up.
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Step 1: Miniature Barrel Extension

-metal pipe(smaller diameter than the dia. of the PVC)
-plumbers tape

Just wrap one end of the pipe until it's wide enough to get a snug fit into the PVC pipe.

Step 2: Large Barrel Extension

What you need:
-Large bottle w/ the bottom cut off
-plumbers' tape

Same thing like before, only you put the tape on the PVC and insert the PVC into the bottle.
Use the picture below.

Step 3: Larger Air Resevoir

What you need:
-Large bottle
-bicycle air valve
-plumbers' tape

same sealing action w/ the large barrel extension.
you must first remove the end w/ the pin. I suggest using the saw because if you just remove the pin you would be left w/ a hole to patch and from my experience its hard to patch up holes when your using pneumatics. Now drill a hole slightly smaller then the valve. If its larger than the valve then use the plumbers' tape to seal it up. It should be really tight when you put it in, that'll mean its airtight, and put plumbers' tape on the spiral groove to make sure its REALLY airtight. Please refer to the picture below.

Step 4: Safety System

What you need:
-something sturdy
-anything that can cut the 'sturdy stuff'

Its simple: the bottle is weaker than the PVC pipe so the bottle would explode, not the PVC.
All you need is something that will protect you from the explosion. I don't have any specific plans so you
can make any sort of protection. Anyways, here's my suggestion: look at the picture below.

Step 5: Operation

The barrel extensions, air reservoir, and safety are all just attachments so its all temporary.
You can remove it, you can add it, you can do whatever you want w/ it.

All comments are not to contain any one of the seven dirty words, so mask it whenever you can.
One good reason is because my parents has freedom of information. Thank you for reading this instructable:)



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    the blast shield can be the whole bottle enclosed in a sealed container with holes to let the air escape while preventing shrapnel from piercing your oh-so-useful brain.
    Dude, scope attachment, you forgot that

    3 replies

    due to not knowing the pressure the PVC is rated at, sniping with this thing is not recommended. Scope attachment only viable if PVC or ABS is rated to high pressures = longer range = need for scope.

    dude, this isn't a high-power air gun here. it fires stuff on random directions. Yes, there was a case when it went 90 degrees off target.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     I've been visiting your profile and I suggest you do an instructable. I've already sent you a fair amount of messages concerning this. To all those people who wonder why I'm telling this is because he told me in person he's to, well, shy to post a single instructable.

    By the way,"ert", if you post the worst possible instructable, accept criticism to improve your work and do something right in this site.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    hahaha did u purposely make the "safety pad" look like somebody making love to a bottle?