Automatic Airsoft Blowgun





Introduction: Automatic Airsoft Blowgun

2 pens + electrical tape + an exacto knife + airsoft pellets =

mega pain!

Step 1: Cut the Holes

take all the "guts" from the pens and drill a hole through one side of a pen. then you tape one pen on to the other one over the hole!

Step 2: Finish Him

tape it all together, fill with pellets and enjoy



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    37 Discussions

    I would assume at one point the gravity feed would jam up though no?

    @joemonkey get a medecine bottle fill that with bbs then put hole in med bottle and it has a bigger mag!!!

    im not sure what country u all live in but i think its in America or at least not australia because we use hobby knives and if im wrong..... sorry

    1 reply

    bbs not pellets sorry people have been saying that and its a lil weird BUT STILL

    Then problem im having is getting the bbs to fall through the hole so im try to get a bendy thing in the magazine so it presses it down after each one

    1 reply

    I made one similar to this but connected a keyboard (compressedair) cleaner It hurts

    i made this and it works pretty well im gonna take it to school and bounce a few off some kids heads LOL

    2 replies

    Thats cool its like a spitwad gun with a handle and bbs

    Nice gun. I would love to have it as a part of my group. Would you mind adding it?
    hers the link: linky