Awesome Card Trick

Introduction: Awesome Card Trick

a normal deck of cards is examined and shuffled, by you and a volunteer. the cards are the spread out all over the place. then, a volunteer gets told to put their finger on a specific card, for example, the 7 of diamonds, you pick it up, look at it and place it away from the rest of the cards. you tell them to put their finger on another specific cards, you pick it up look at it and place it down. this is repeated once more. then you say you will find one, pick it up look at it, and place it down. the cards are turned over and every card you said to find is there

Step 1: What You Need

a standard deck of cards

Step 2: The Bottom Card

take the deck of cards and ask someone to examine and shuffle them. when they hand the cards back to you, you do a quick shuffle as well. when squaring up the cards discreetly look at the bottom card and remember it, in this case it is the 7 of diamonds.

Step 3: Spreading Out the Cards

when spreading out the cards keep an eye on the bottom card, the 7 of diamonds. this is important

Step 4: The First Card

now tell your volunteer to put their finger on the bottom card, in this case is the 7 of diamonds. they will look at you like you're crazy and say that they can't. tell them to just do it, they will point to a random card. in this case , they pick up the 10 of hearts. you pick it up, look at it then place it down away from the other cards.

Step 5: The Second Card

the second card you tell them to point to is the card they picked up before, in this case is the 10 of hearts. so tell them to pick up the 10 of hearts. this time they pick up the 9 of clubs, pick it up look at it and put it on top of the 10 of hearts.

Step 6: The Third Card

this is the same as step 5 but repeated. tell them to point to the 9 of clubs, they point to a card, you pick it up look at it, its the king of diamonds, now put it on top of the pile.

Step 7: The Fourth Card

this time you say you're gonna have a go, you tell them you're going to pick up the king of diamonds, but you pick up the 7 of diamonds on the bottom deliberately. you put it on top of the pile

Step 8: Laying Them Out

ask the volunteer what the first card you asked them to find was. the 7 of diamonds, they will say. you place down the 7 of diamonds. a puzzled look will come across their face. ak them the what the second card was, the 9 of clubs, place it down. ask them the next card, king of diamonds, place it down. they've selected all the cards you told them to, thats very unlikely and almost impossible. when they've stopped being shocked they will ask you how its done, thats up to you to tell them if you want, but if you do, know this, once they know how its done and how simple it is, its not nearly as impressive. try it out. and post comments to tell me how i went because this is my first in structable

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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago

    I'm going to get a lot of girls by doing this trick! Thanks or the awesome card trick


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I think this needs better descriptions, or maybe a video. I don't get the point of this trick... there's no 'magic' in it...?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Look at it again. The only card the magician controls is the card on the bottom of the deck. The other "chooser" cards are random, but the magician gets to see them. The magician then reveals all the chosen cards in a way that makes the chooser think the magician was directing his choices. It's a clever trick!