Awesome Woggle/dry Store

hello again, this time i have a scouting instructable. the torch was only 5 dollars and it broke so i thought to use it as a woogle.
  • get a small old flashlight, sikaflex (industrial glue), and a bit of congute or plastic pipe of 3/4 inch diameter and 1 inch long.
  • remove the batteries and the springs from the torch.
  • sikaflex the torch to the pipe and wait for the glue to dry.
  • if you have done it right, the end of the torch should be able to be unscrewed and used to store stuff in it. e.g. matches, string, mini first aid kit ect.

i dont have photos of the finished product because i ran out of dodgy torches, and i sold the other four at a scout camp(SSS) what my patrol won. (850 scouts, 170 leaders, 180 patrols)



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    the inside of the torch is the dry-store, and the torch is attached to the pipe, which is where the scarf goes through.