BObsweep's Trouble Numbers or Errors

Introduction: BObsweep's Trouble Numbers or Errors

About: I am Bob and I love floors! I also love vacuuming, and sweeping, and mopping. And, I can do them all at once. I am strong, yet sensitive... and independent, yet obedient. I also have a brush and a dustbin s...

bObsweep pethair and standard have ways of communicating with you:

Bob beeps whenever he is on but is not cleaning, to tell you his battery is being drained. He begins beeping after 5 minutes of inactivity, then once every minute until you turn his side power switch off, press the power button on the remote, or send him back to the charging station.

Bob will also beep immediately when he has difficulty working. If bObsweep standard needs your help, he will display the word error followed by a number.

If bObsweep pethair is having trouble cleaning, he will show the word Trouble Number as well as a number corresponding to the cause of the trouble/difficulty.

The following steps show you how to translate Bob's language.

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Step 1: Trouble Numbers or Errors 0 and 1

The number displayed describes the same type of issue on either bObsweep model.

The error or Trouble Number 0 means bOb’s left wheel is jammed.

Number 1 means the right wheel is jammed.

Check the affected wheel for any blockage, then clean the area with compressed air or the cleaning tool.

Step 2: Number 2

If you see 2 on the screen, bOb’s main brush is jammed.

Remove and clean the main brush, giving extra attention to its ends and the areas it attaches inside bOb. Make sure no strings or wires are tangled in the brush before replacing it.

Step 3: Numbers 3 and 4

A number 3 means the front wheel is jammed. Clean the wheel with compressed air or use the cleaning tool to remove debris.

The number 4 means bOb’s ground detection sensors are dirty or blocked. (Highlighted Blue)

Wipe the sensors with a clean dry cloth and use compressed air to deep clean them.

If the issue persists while bOb works on carpet, try using bOb’s blindfold stickers. But remember, when Bob is blindfolded, he will be unable to detect ledges and could fall down stairs.

Step 4: Numbers 5 and 6

If bOb displays the number 5, the wall detection sensors around his bumper are blocked. Wipe it with a clean dry cloth and ensure nothing is stuck under the bumper.

Note: On Pethair, these sensors are the clear bar running along the middle of the bumper. On bObsweep standard, the bar is red.

The number 6 means the bumper is jammed. Tap on the bumper to dislodge the blockage, or use compressed air to clean out dust and debris.

Step 5: Numbers 7 and 8

The number 7 means the main brush is not installed properly. Reinstall it with the correct screw before bOb works again.

If you see 8 on the display, bOb’s dustbin is improperly installed or the contact points are dirty.

Remove and clean the dustbin, and ensure all parts are put together correctly. The filters should be locked to the top of the bin and the transparent gate must be closed.

Step 6: Number 9

A number 9 means Bob needs professional repair. Contact bObsweep’s customer support staff to resolve this issue, or any others that you have had difficulty resolving.

You may want to try the home check up test for bObsweep Standard or Pethair if you're still unsure what's causing Bob's odd behaviour.

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