Back Massager Out of Knex!!!!!!




this is the first ever knex back massager (well on this site)
ps. first instructable hope u like it :D

Step 1: Pieces

1 motor
2 white pieces
16 red piece
2 green half circles
1 gray rod
24 green pieces
3 gray spacers
12 blue spacers
2 gray pieces

Step 2: The Blade

first the white pieces just add the green pieces all around the edge to two white pieces
then make the red bladejust simply atach them together with a green piece
then conect all the red blades onto the white piecies

Step 3: Support / Motor

just look at the pictures

Step 4: The End! Bumbumba...



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    Tom Buckey

    10 years ago on Introduction

    i made this thismorning and today in school i hurt my back and this helped a as well as a heat pack. thanks