Knex Barrett 50 Cal



Introduction: Knex Barrett 50 Cal

v1: my barrett 50cal uses a sling shot mech it fires a reasonable distance but its quite unreliable but when it does fire its real fun. the bipod is not mine its Brammeke's design. please tell me what you think.

v2: its now reliable and fires 9 times out of ten it also has good range and power the bipod is still Brammeke's design but the scope is mine theres even a new mussle break. at last i have succeded in building a good slingshot operated gun. :)



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    look how old it is it was ok at the time I had only started building things and any way it was made to shoot well not look good

    i know this was more a prototype than a working version i have taken it apart now any way

    2*. fix it up. the body and muzzle brake are completely off. not to mention the handle and mag.

    i know its just i would have to rip apart a different gun to do that but i will try. how do you make a working mag for a sling shot gun?