Basic PVC Marshmallow Gun

Introduction: Basic PVC Marshmallow Gun

i built this marshmallow sub-machine gun a couple of years back, but it failed hard. the other day,  i pulled it out and re-configured it into an easier , smaller, and, in theory, better gun. i literally built this in five minutes from a design i had memorized from the same time i built the SMG, and i have not tested it yet. this is designed for close range firing. i suggest targets, or un-suspecting friends who can take a joke(or a marshmallow). enjoy.

*note: sniper rifles do not work with this. if you put more PVC on the end, it will not shoot as far, or as well, unless you use an air compressor.

DISCLAIMER: if you somehow manage to fail this design, or shoot someone in the eye with the gun, it is not my fault. it will never be my fault, and i refuse to take responsibility. if you build this, do so at your own risk, and/or that of those you will shoot with it. DO NOT shoot into the mouth, ever.

Step 1: What You Need:

5 foot length of PVC pipe(3/4 inch or one inch)
two PVC end caps
one basic strait connector
one "t" connector
one cross connector( x, plus, + shaped)
pipe cutters or a saw that can cut PVC
a roll of painters' tape( to seal the handles)

Step 2: Next

get out your pipe cutters and start cutting. you will need:

a 10 inch length of pipe (main barrel)
two 4 1/2 inch long pieces (handles)
three 2 inch chunks (for the marshmallow magazine/drop tube)
the connectors you should have bought earlier

(all parts can be longer or shorter EXCEPT for the small two-inch pieces. those must stay the same)

Step 3: How to Assemble It

take the plus/x connector and put the barrel in one end.

put the caps on the ends of the handles. Seal the other end with the tape, and put them in across from each other on the plus connector.

Step 4: Assembly Part Two

put one of the remaining PVC chunks in the other end of the plus connector.

put one of the chunks of pipe in the bottom of the "t" connector, put the last connector on top of that, and put the remaining chunk of pipe in the top of the last connector.

put one end of the "t" connector on the small PVC chunk on the main part, with the long part facing up. voila, you are finished.

Step 5: Firing the Weapon

drop the marshmallow down the drop tube at the end, and put your mouth to the open end of the "t" connector. aim at your target, and let loose.

this weapon is designed to fire the marshmallows in rapid succession. hold a handful and drop them down ONE AT A TIME. Multi-firing DOES NOT work.

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