Basic Beading Techniques

Introduction: Basic Beading Techniques

i am hoping to make a few instructables using the same sort of techniques so instead of writing them all out in each new one i make, i will describe them here and refer to a short name for them because i am lazy and don't like typing things (especially on an iPhone keyboard). i will use these shorter names in other instructables (except the beaded mouse keychain which was published prior to thus one). if you have any other questions you want to ask me, feel free to leave a comment and i will answer it the best i can.

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Step 1: Standard Start Off

unless specified otherwise, this is the standard way of starting off any of the beaded project. jump rings (just a metal ring basically) can be brought or hand-made and will always be used to attach the finished beaded thing to what ever it is you want to attach it to. a keyring, a clip, phone charm thing, even earrings if you must. go nuts just don't forget the jump ring. after that you fold the wire in half, and thread it through the jumpring so the halfway mark is at the ring. thread a crimp onto both the wire and crush it using jewellery pliers.

Step 2: Making Rows

for the purpose of the pictures, i have not used the proper set up because i didn't want to waste a crimp. so, to make a row, add the specified number of beads to one wire and them pass the other wire through the opposite way. thats it.

Step 3: Passing Back Through

this is used for hair and feet and will generally be written as 'thread _ beads onto a wire and thread back through all except _ beads'. thread the given number of beads onto one of the wires and using the same wire thread it back in the opposite direction missing the second given number of beads. in the images (look at the black beads) i have been told to thread on six and miss three.

Step 4: Loop the Loop

this is used in the mouse ears. its the only use i've found for it yet but i thought i'd better include it. i will tell it as i have done it in the beaded mouse instructable. thread nine brown beads and two pink beads onto one wire. starting from the seventh brown bead thread the same wire through three beads (the rest of the brown ones) in the same direction the wire passed the first time.

Step 5: Conclusion

thanks for reading, i hope this helps and have fun!

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