Batch Login System

this is my first post but is is a big set of files. some of my stuff is original and others I used from users from this site. if you find a familiar string of batch coding and you know who it belongs to, please let me know. i do not wish to take credit for other peoples work.

anyway, this log-in system has 3 users Ryan, Joseph, and bitch(this one has joke batch coding no offense to anyone at all)
the passwords are yo, horror, and fuckyou respectfully.

ryan and joseph have the same "apps" so to speak.

there are three categories
interactive movies

Step 1: Games

games has cave adventures(made by me)
hacking(also made by me)
solitaire(this is a fake virus made by another user)

cave adventures is an rpg you star as an explorer who is in a cave system(a small cave system at that) and you need to find your way out.
each tunnel has different outcomes

hacking is a funny little joke i made to show the dangers of hacking(HACKERS ALERT IF YOU FIND THIS FUNNY BUT KEEP HACKING JUST REMEMBER TO WATCH YOUR BACK.)

solitaire is a fake game it brings you to another hacking game. this one was from another user but it was funny to make you think you can play solitare

Step 2: Movies

the only movie is no more ghosts
i made my self but i used the ghost template from another user

this movie is about a ghost from pacman the green one.
the ghost template is also from another user
this ghost gets killed and pacman(in green for some unknown reason?) is happy
this was my first batch anything ever made

Step 3: Interactive Movies

the matrix is an interactive movie made by me
the log-in system can "download" the second choice movie
also made by me

this brings you through the matrix but as far as the pills
you have to watch it to find out what i mean

the second choice movie is a quick remake so you don't have to watch the whole movie again but it asks you if you want a recap of what the pills do.

Step 4: The "bitch" User Name

the final user name "bitch"(dont use the quotes when typing in the username)
the system messes with your head and cause massive hilarity.
the "programs" are all messed with to be funny

the cave adventures are the same but there are twists to the story line *hehe*

the hacking combines both hacking features.

when it asks you to type the website name if you want a laugh from the original software type this address
it will do the other hacking software

the endings it the matrix are different and h=the movie is changed up a little bit.
again watch it to see what i mean

Step 5: Thank You

i hope you guys(and gals) like my first submission.
if anyone knows who made some of my coding so i can give them credit were credit is due
have fun.

Step 6:

to add a new user name just add to these lines of coding

set name=
set /p name=Your name:
if '%name%'=='ryan' goto password1
if '%name%'=='joseph' goto password2
if '%name%'=='bitch' goto password3
if not '%name%'=='ryan' goto lock
if not '%name%'=='joseph' goto lock
if '%name%'=='bitch' goto lock

set /p password=Password:
if '%password%'=='yo' goto unlock
if not '%password%'=='yo' goto lock

set /p password2=password:
if '%password2%'=='horror' goto unlock
if not '%password2%'=='horror' goto lock

set /p password3=password:
if '%password3%'=='fuckyou' goto unlock2
if not '%password3%'=='fuckyou' goto lock2

add the lines
if '%name%'=='namex' goto passwordx
if not '%name%'=="namex" goto lock
to the use name section
where i put namex put a username you will remember
in password x put password(some number or letter, if you left it as password you would be getting my password so a difference in the ending will give you the right password)

then add the lines
set /p passwordx=password:
if '%passwordx%'=='password' goto unlock
if not '%passwordx%'=='password goto lock
at the end of your password section
for password put a password you will remember

here is an example
first the username

set name=
set /p name=Your name:
if '%name%'=='ryan' goto password1
if '%name%'=='joseph' goto password2
if '%name%'=='bitch' goto password3
if '%name%'=='joe' goto password4
if not '%name%'=='ryan' goto lock
if not '%name%'=='joseph' goto lock
if not '%name%'=='bitch' goto lock2
if not '%name%'=='joe' goto lock2

then add your password

set /p password4=password:
if '%password4%'=='hello' goto unlock
if not '%password4%'=='hello' goto lock

what the codes will be saying to the computer is joe was typed in
the name is recognized going to the section titled password4
the word hello was typed in going to section unlock

that takes seconds

now that you know how to add users you can add your self as user



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, the third password is "fuckyou respectfully"

    (I know it's not)


    are you refering to the whole system or something specific because if it is the thrid username that is a joke and you can remove the name and password lines so the system will not access it.