Battlefield 3 Dogtags

Introduction: Battlefield 3 Dogtags

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before I start, I know battlefield 4 is out now but I made these a while back, hence the lack of pictures.

as im addicted to playing the battlefield series on the xbox I thought I deserved my own set of dogtags, unfortunately the tags I used ingame werent available to buy so I made some.

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Step 1: Supplies

scrap metal (i used stainless steel)
a chain
a dremel
an engraver
black ink
masking tape

Step 2: Cutting

I didnt have my dremel when I did this project so I had to cut the shape and grind down the edges with manual tools (VERY time consuming) but im guessing the dremel would have no problem doin it quicker.

then cut small wholes for the chain.

Step 3: Engraving

first I put masking tape over the tags and drew my design onto that, then I went over that design with my vibratool.

I went over the design a couple times to make it deeper. I also engraved a line around the edge and put a few faint scratches (battle scars) through the design.

I then rubbed black ink over the tags and cleaned off the excess, this made the design stand out as some ink stayed in the grooves.

Step 4: Finish

put the tags onto a chain. my chain actually came from an old bath plug as it kinda looks like a dogtag chain.

now im enjoying a set of tags that perfectly replicate my ingame bf3 tags.

now to find some I like from battlefeild 4.

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    You have bf4 on Xbox 360?