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Introduction: Airsoft Bazooka

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just something me and my friend made we made it in my friends basement using the materials listed. The tools we use were a saw to shorten the pipe itself, and a drill for "smoke holes if you will." there was a lot of trial and error like how to make the missile fire accurately we fixed this by adding a nose cone but adding fins was the biggest problem that we still haven't solved because the rocket fits so snugly in the pipe. Another thing that we added on after our first trial was to add the shield in the front to prevent the user from being hit by the back blast of the rocket. If we were to try this again we would probably make the pvc pipe wider so we could fit the fins inside the pipe. 

Step 1: What U Need

1inch pvc pipe model rocket model rocket launcher cardboard duct tape pipe that fits inside the pvc

Step 2: Build It

first take the pvc pipe and the smaller pipe and put the smaller one in it. make sure the smaller pipe is no longer than 1 inch. The pvc pipe should be abot 2 and a half feet long.

Step 3: Build It

next tape the control pad to the top of the pvc. wrap the wire around the the pipe. Make sure the wire has enough slack for the clamps to reach the engine inside

Step 4: Build It

take a piece of cardboard(your choice for size) and cut a one inch circle in the center and slide it on to the front. your bazooka is now complete Enjoy!! (i suggest b5 engines)



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    hey dude go look at the Mortar on the missles they use are a oval shape allowing for space on the bottom for the fins

    Cut slits in the area where the fins are and make them spring loaded to pop out


    5 years ago

    Me and my friends did similar a while back but made them automatic on a robotic swivel stand on the back of a utv

    My rockets were made out of a plastic Easter egg (the ones that come apart) and had a cardboard tail with fins on it I may post an instructable

    I had an Idea almost exactly the some but it looked like a gauntlet and it was for paintball then I scrapped the idea because the paint leaked into the engine and prevented it from launching