Beach Chair




beach chair.. easy to carry and does take up 70kg weight for sure.. i use it.
i have put some pictures coz i am not good at explainig in words hope you get the idea

Step 1: List of Materials..

you will need
3 X 2feet stainless steel pipe 20mm diameter
2 X 5mm nut and bolt of atleast 50mm length
1 x drill machine to drill 5.5 mm hole in pipe
1 X heavy duty cloth
3 X plastic cover for pipe

Step 2: Making Holes

mark both pipe at half distance and make drill as per nut-bolt you will be using.. i used 5.5mm drill for my 5mm nut bolt...
then you have to drill 90 deg offset on one the pipe..
you want your pipe to be in position as shown in last pic...

Step 3: Creating Sit

now that you have base ready we need to create somthing to sit on
as you can see i took large triangle piece of cloth put safty pin to mark where to stich
this one will become like one of those pirate hat

once its stiched you can cut of extra bit of material and hey you ready to use it

once done rotate pipe remove siting cap and move on



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, not bad! I would suggest a photo of the BOTTOM of the seat, showing the pockets that the stand fit into to make this stool. But other than that, very nice. I may have to make this! Thanks for posting.

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i'm glad that you liked it.. here is pic showing bottom.. hope it will help.. also if you are modifying design let me know.. thnkx