Beaded Cuff Bracelet





Introduction: Beaded Cuff Bracelet

how to make a cuff bracelet with pony beads


-pony beads
-elastic beading cord

Step 1: Starting

start with your first row of beads.
string the beading cord through them.
center the beads on the cord.
the left end will be end A, and the right will be end B.

Step 2: 2nd Row

add your beads for the second row on end A of the cord.
then string ONLY your second row beads with end B,
starting with the last bead you placed on end A.

Step 3: Continue

continue step 3 until you have reached your desired length.

Step 4: Tying Off

string the cord through the first row that you made
the same way that you would add another row to the cuff.
this will bring the rows into a circle.
tie the ends together in a knot.



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6 Discussions

this was very easy to follow. and ur instructions work with how ever beads u want in each row(from 2,3,4,5....) good job. :)

1 reply

This is normally called a "ladder" in the beading world, and I'm surprised that there aren't more beaded bracelet tut's on instructables.

yknow i'm not exactly sure i just guess-timated... i think that maybe 3 ft or a little more would be enough