Beaded Dragonfly Brooch




this is one of my experiment which turned out really pretty..

for making beaded dragonfly brooch we need

-beads (preferably with green, blue, red or yellow shade) {size according to safety pin}

-wire (gauge 28/26 will work or any size) approx. 2 feet

-nail paint

-safety pin


Step 1:

take a wire and pass 3 beads as shown (2 beads for eyes at 2 ends and dragonfly's body color bead at center)
now take a bead (here onwards all beads are for dragonfly's body color) pass it through one side of wire and pass the other side of wire through it as shown to make a loop
now take a bead through 1 side of wire keep it at approx. 1 cm from last bead and twist wire to make its leg
repeat same procedure for making another leg on other side
then slightly bend those legs as shown

Step 2:

now pass a bead through one side of wire and pass other end of wire through same bead

this will lock its legs at place

now at both sides make loops as shown

again pass a bead through one end of wire and pass another end through same bead

make another pair of loops (wings) as shown

then again bead through one side of wire and then pass another end of wire through same bead

then make two legs of dragonfly like we did previously

then again 1 bead to lock them at place

Step 3:

now take a safety pin and using pilers open the knot at its bottom as shown

now pass the beads through the safety pin

then lock its knot using pilers

Step 4:

now place the dragonfly's head previously made on the safety pin and wrap extra wire around pin

at the end of pin pass wires through the pin's knot

then add a final bead to secure it (pass it through one end of wire and then pass another end through same bead)

twist wire and cut off extra wire

now give proper shape to the loops and then put a nail paint on that loop.. stroke nail polish brush horizontally on the loop

let it dry

Step 5:

dragonfly brooch is ready :)

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    thank you.. not much delicate, but wings are slightly.. if wings get slight fold nail paint film breaks