Beaded Girl Keyring

Introduction: Beaded Girl Keyring

this instructable will tell you how to make a beaded girl (for the most part. i got a bit distracted while making the legs and forgot to take some photos but hopefully that wont hinder any attempts you might make too much). to be honest, its not the best one i've ever made but i can't picture the rest because my mum has a lovely habit of giving them away to people (which is pretty cool actually). it is also another one of my planned 'beaded' series which so far consist of... da da da... a mouse. well i have to start somewhere so here goes . enjoy and keep an eye out for the rest of the series (and the mouse. we mustn't forget the mouse). if you are unclear about anything see my 'basic beading techniques' instructable or leave a comment. :D

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Step 1: Materials

for this instructable you will need all of this stuff. not half of it. i don't know how that would turn out. let me know if anyone ever finds out. but any way. 19 hair colour seed beads, 31 skin salmon pink seed beads, 22 dress coloured seed beads, 4 shoe coloured seed beads, wire (about 80cm of it. although it can be difficult to work with, you will probably want something that will hold its shape while making sure that it can fit through the beads you're using twice), a keyring, a crimp and a jump ring, all of which is pictured above. other stuff you will need is cutting pliers and jewellery pliers. (notes: if (and only if) you fancy long sleeve instead of short ones, replace 8 pink beads with more dress coloured ones. all the beads should probably be the same size. i used size nine beads. hair length can also be altered (obviously). )

Step 2: Starting Off

use the standard start off (see 'basic beading techniques' instructable mentioned in intro).

Step 3: The Hair

make a row of one hair coloured bead. thread 9 beads onto one of the wires and using the same wire thread back though all of them except the end one (see 4th picture for clarification). do the same for the other wire. note: be carefull when making the hair (and the arms later on) that they end up close to the main body.

Step 4: Head and Shoulders

make three rows of 3 salmon pink beads then a row of 2 salmon pink beads. next using dress beads, make a row of three.

Step 5: The Arms

thread two blue beads and 5 pink beads onto one wire and pass it back through all of them except 1. do the same for the other wire.

Step 6: The Body and Legs

make two rows of three blue beads, a row if four beads and then a row of five beads. bring both wires together at the bottom of the body and twist them once (picture 1 of this step should give you some indication of what i mean). the twist will be used to mark the beginning of the legs so they end up in the centre when you are finished. thread five pink beads and two black beads onto one wire and pass it back through all except the two black beads. hold the wires firmly against the body and twist the legs as a way of securing it all. cut the wires as close to the twist as you can.

Step 7: Done!!!

you have finished your girl. i hope you like this instructable. sorry if i waffle on a bit i am inexplicably jovial today. don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any trouble.

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