Beads From Straws




Introduction: Beads From Straws

This instructable will teach you how to transform drinking straws into beads that can be used for any project.

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Step 1: Materials

Pretty simple: you just need the straws themselves, scissors to cut the straws, and also a long thin tool (a pen works fine)

Step 2: Cut the Straws

you can cut them to many different lengths, but I chose to cut them into one inch segments

Step 3: Fold in the Edges

this is when you may need to use a pen to assist you

Fold in part of each edge to create a triangle shape

Step 4: Alternate Ideas

you could strategically place the triangles to create a diamond, a trapezoid, or a three dimensional shape

Step 5: Use Your Beads!

be creative! i tried to make a bracelet

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    4 years ago

    Cute beads and great photography :D