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Introduction: Beaten Coffee

Hi everyone.. in this instructable, we will be making cappuccino style coffee without any special appliance and just 3 ingredients!

This is my mother's favourite method of preparing creamy and foamy coffee which used to be my saviour especially during late night studies. It is a very simple method of making cappuccino style coffee at home and requires no special machines and coffee mixes. It involves incorporating air into a paste of coffee and sugar till thick and frothy, by beating the mix with a spoon. This method of beating the coffee mix is what gives the coffee the name Beaten Coffee. On addition of milk, this coffee mix dissolves and the air is released creating a delicious froth of top of the coffee.

Step 1: Preparation..


Milk, Hot – 1 cup/ 200 ml

milk(for beating cofee) – 1 tsp

Coffee Powder – 1 tsp

Sugar – 3 tsp


In a mug, add coffee, 1 tsp milk and sugar, mix well using spoon, the mixture should not be watery, just moist.(Here we are using a steel glass for mixing and beating, since we dont want to risk the mug during vigorous whisking).

At first, for about a minute you will find no difference. Once the froth starts appearing add 3 to 4 drops of milk. Now roll up those sleeves and start beating the coffee mixture till it becomes thick and creamy. The color will also lighten gradually. This will take a good 4-5 minutes, so be prepared for some muscle work. Add a few drops of milk if needed and keep beating. At no point should the mixture be watery so go slow on that temptation to add more milk, just a drop or two would suffice.

After a while the mixture will be so thick that it will not drop off the spoon if turned over. I feel it resembles thick coffee butter cream , and oh that smell… so delicious. Do not attempt to lick it off the spoon, that is not very tasty.

During this time, boil the milk, and add the milk to the coffee mixture and mix to combine. You will notice a nice thick layer of froth appearing on top. Stir and enjoy!


Water could also be used for beating coffee instead of milk.

Adjust the coffee or sugar according to personal preference. I like my coffee mild, but you can add more if you like it strong. combination.

You may sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder on top if you like your coffee with a cinnamon flavor or maybe try a sprinkle of drinking chocolate on it.

If you are preparing big batch, beat it in a single mug/ glass for relatively few more minutes and then add the beaten coffee to individual cups and pour hot milk over it.

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    21 Discussions

    Hi All,

    Can anyone let me know in detail that why we need to beat coffee. Is is not so simple that put coffee and sugar in hot water and mix it. Why people beat it 10, 15 mints.

    We'll be very very thankfull to the person who give us the exact reason of beating it.


    5 replies

    Beating coffee gives a unique and mellowed down flavour to coffee, texture improves a lot and gives creamy feel to coffee compared to plain coffee, looks and feels like cappuccino!

    Beating aims at incorporating air bubbles to make texture lighter

    Thanks, @kanshank.

    But I am wondering to find any scientific reason behind coffee beaten. What exactly occurs chemically while beating it. Why taste improves after beaten. Hope you will get my point.

    Thank you.

    Amazing!!!!! Strange!!!

    Every one beat coffee almost daily without knowing the scientific reason of beating.

    Its great.. :P :P

    How long can I keep the beaten coffee for? Where do I store it? Plastic or steel utensil? Room temperature or refrigerator ?

    2 replies

    U can keep the beaten mix in refrigerator ! Any container, plastic steel or glass, just make sure u beat it again for 1-2 minutes to get the air incorporated back!

    U may use water to beat for ease! Can be stored for 2-3 days in an airtight preferably glass jar in a refrigerator! At the time of use just add 1-2 drops of water, mix quickly with spoon to get foam back N it would be ready to use! Best practice is to make it fresh, for strong aroma!

    Not an issue, u can use water instead of milk, helpful for effortless frothing. If u are doing it by hands, u need to be a bit patient as foaming depends upon the speed of our mixing, u need to mix it really fast and continuously doing it for atleast 1 min to see the initial change in color, and continuing it for few more minutes for a good foam! Otherwise, just use any electric gadget like electric beater/ blender etc to see quick and amazing results! Hope this helps! :)

    And yes, do add water slowly and carefully!

    I just realized not every country has the same coffees! In Greece we always use this method to make our hot instant coffee (we call it "nes" from the brand), or just use a coffee mixer. If you do this ible starting with a bit of cold water, add coffee/sugar, mix (using a mixer or a shaker), then fill with water and ice you have a frape, which is the most popular coffee here!

    1 reply

    Exactly! And how beautiful is to see such variations as we move around! :)

    Can I use a stand mixer? Will that change the outcome?

    2 replies

    Absolutely! I use spoon for a small batches, otherwise we can use electric beater/ mixer/ blender/ stand mixer, basically anything that mixes it well and helps to incorporate air! Even electric choppers in India do have a plastic attachment for mixing coffee!

    Using such gadgets give amazing results! :)

    great instructable! where did you get that cup?

    1 reply

    Thanks! husband is a doctor, cup was gifted by a MR! :)