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Introduction: Bedskirt - to - Curtain

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In this instructable you will be able to take something that is supposed to be somewhere else and hack it. Have you ever had a bed that had no need for a bed skirt yet your comforter set came with one well here is the solution.
     I came up with this when i was trying to figure out what to do with a window because i live in a basement apartment and my bedroom window is under the deck so i wanted to cover it up and once i got my bed and the comforter set which had a bed skirt with it i immediately thought that the curtain should be made out of the skirt because it matched the set.

Step 1: Find Window

First find the window u want.

Then make sure u have enough fabric and then u are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Measure the Window

Measure the window with a tape measure. My window is a basement window so it was small all u need is the depth of the window and the wydth because the length of the curtain is the length of the bedskirt. Mine was 7" deep and 2'6.5" wide.

Step 3: Find Your Bed Skirt

If you have a bed like mine that doesn't need a bed skirt, then why throw it away? Use it for a curtain. You will have plenty of fabric to work with.

Step 4: Cutting

Make sure you leave 3" if the white material that goes under the matress so you have some wiggle room to work with when you start sewing (this is for the hem and the rod pocket)

Because the material is sheer you can see the measurements on your cutting mat.

the length of the material is the length of the window plus add 10" for the ruffle.

Keep cutting till the amount needed.

TIP: I find if you have excess fabric in the way you can ball it up with a rubberband around it (I used a sillyband).

Take the excess and throw it aside (Not away because we can use that for another instructable).

Now you are ready for the next step.

Step 5: Top Hem

Before you start pinning the hem u need to iron out all of the wrinkles not completely but it is ok if u do. Make sure that the fabric you are using is not a fabric that will melt under heat.

If you end up with a bed skirt that has a pleat in it like i did than that is ok because when it is put on the rod it will blend in with the ruffles. but u do need to make it neat to sew over it properly.

The fabric that usually goes under the mattress is not usually iron-able so be careful when you iron.

you need to fold over the fabric a quarter of an inch because you don't want to see the white under-fabric. I find that if you use the tip of the iron to crease the fabric over it is easier to sew and pin.

now that you have pinned it and folded it over it is time to sew.

you will not need to sew the ruffle because it shows up on the rod when you have excess fabric when you make it longer than needed.

Step 6: Curtainrod Hole/ Ruffle

The cool thing is that because you added the extra 10 or so inches you don't need to sew in the ruffle because you automatically get that when you put it on the rod.

measure 2" from the line you just sewed in.

Then sew at that line but make sure not to have the two fabrics too snug together because they won't fit on the rod.

Once you are finished put it on the rod.

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