Beer Pong!!!

this is my first instructable, so bear with me.
my brother and i decided to make a folding beer pong table to take to parties a while back and i noticed their were no instrcutables on how to make one so...i'm gonna tell ya how to make one.
sorry for the lack of pictures. my camera wasn't working until we got finished .

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Step 1: Supplies

Building Materials:
2 24X48" pieces of ply wood 3/4" thick ($11 each)
3 2' 2X4 one cut down the middle (mine were laying around the garage)
1 pair of folding table legs ($14)
4 small hinges with screws ($5)
2 1/4" wood screws ($5)
sand paper
exacto knife
measuring tape

Decoration Materials:
whatever paint colors or stickers/decals you want
polyethylene sealant (MUST!!! unless you wanna ruin your table)
paint brushes

Other Materials:
solo cups

Step 2: Make the Table

first, lay your pieces of wood on the ground and line them up so they will make a 2X8' rectangle
then lay your table legs down so they are centered 16" from the back of the table and screw them on
once that is done, screw the two 2X4's down so they are lined up with the very back of the table and screw those on with the wood screws, then take the 2X4 that is cut down the middle and line it up so that is flush in the middle where its going to fold.
screw the two pieces down then attach the hinges so the table will fold in half.

You're done! now flip the table over so it's standing and now you can start to paint.

Step 3: Painting

first, you'll wanna sand the table down so that it is nice and smooth.
once the table is sanded, wipe it down with a damp towel to get all the dust off. wait for it to dry and start to paint

first, put down a layer of primer to coat the table. my brother and i used white because we were making the table black with white stripes like it shows in the picture
once the first layer dries, put down a second layer of primer and let it dry
once that dries, put the colors you want down, just make sure you mark out your triangle where your cups go. go to the center of the ends and measure 8" to both sides so you'll have16". then from the middle point you were just at, measure 14" up and mark out your triangle.
now that that's marked out how you want it, start painting it how you want it. once its done and dry, put you polyethylene sealant on in two coats (it makes it ok it spill your beer on the table) and you done! rack up your cup in you triangle and have fun, just don't be stupid. AND NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!

Step 4: How to Play

in the triangles, you put 10 cups in a pyramid shape, like it is in the picture, and fill the cups about 1/4 of the way with beer. you play with one or two people on a team and one or two ping pong balls. you take turns shooting at the other teams cups to eliminate their cups. every cup you make the ping pong ball in, the other team drinks that cup. first team to drink all their cups, loses.

other rules
-if two people shoot at the cups and both make it, then that team gets the balls back and they shoot again

-if both team members shoot and make it in the same cup, then the shooting team gets the balls back at the other team drinks 3 cups

-if the person shooting misses the cup but gets the ball back before the other team does, then that person takes a shot called a "rodeo" which means they shoot behind their back.

-if a player bounces the ball of the table, the other team can try to swat the ball away. However, if the player makes it in the cup after the bounce, then the other team drinks two cups.

-if your elbow goes over the edge of the table, then the shot doesn't count

-after one teams cups are gone, then they take a "redemption" shot. a shot that if they make it, the game keeps going but the other team doesn't drink that cup.

-if both teams have one cup and one team made their "redemption" shot, the game goes into "overtime." both teams set up three cups and you play until the cups are gone.

-if a player makes it in the cup but the ball spins around the cup, you can try to finger the ball out of the cup if your a guy, or blown the ball out of the cup if your a girl.

-if the ball bounces off of one cup or gets fingered/blown out of one cup into an other, then you must drink all the cups the ball touched.

-you can try to distract the other team by waving your hands over the cups as long as you don't touch the cups. if you touch any cup, then you must drink that cup.

- if you are over the table and the ball hits you hand or you block the ball when the shooter didn't bounce it, then the shooting team gets that ball back and you drink one cup.

also, the losing team must finish the beers on the side of the winning team

Step 5: Conclude

the table cost around 50 bucks not including paint but it was well worth it.
advice about it, depending on the hinges, it might dip just a little bit in the middle like mine does, quick fix...get the sliding door bolts that they used on those old public restroom doors and put it on both sides so its level. also, if you don't wanna worry about the table opening while its folded, mount some clasps, the ones that they use on tool boxes, at the ends of the table as well as a handle to make it easier to carry.
thank for checking this instructable out. hope you enjoyed it!

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    15 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Could you perhaps post a photo of the bottom of the table? I am not exactly sure what you did there for the middle seam.

    Furthermore, have you since tried a new table? i have read that using T hinges or simply making a full frame could better support the center.

    2 replies

    Unfortunately I do not have my table anymore so I cannot take pictures of the underside.
    I have built more tables since this one and have changed the hinge system. Before I had two 1"x2"x2' running along the middle ends with two small hinges. I have changed to 2"x4"x18" running longways under the middle of the table. Very sturdy. I will put pictures up as soon as I can. Personally I have not tried the t hinge but when you say "full frame" do you mean non-folding? Because I have built a non-folding table with collapsible legs and it works great.

    Well I used your plans as a blueprint for my own with some minor changes - which led to some minor problems, which maybe you can help me figure out how to fix...?

    first off, I decided to use MDF board instead of plywood because 1) its 10 times stronger (tho heavier), and 2) it was cheaper per board ft than plywood.
    Initially, I used to door hinges (basically like you did), but had a rather large gap in the middle of the table. I wanted to minimize this, so I went to a piano hinge. However, MDF doesn't like taking screws in the endgrain (that sounds awful), so many of them pulled out and my hinge sucks.

    Because MDF is heavier, I fastened some heavy duty handles on it for transport, and had to add a "foldable" third leg in the middle of the table. It is basically just a 2X4 on a hinge.

    I like the MDF because its easier to bounce on and takes paint much better than plywood - I can customize it (which is subsequently, my selling point) to be really anything with a sheik smooth surface.

    I am rather interested in what you did for your support. you took a 2X4X18 and did what? did you bracket it to the bottom? you have only one running length wise?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    why are you on a site about building a beer pong table if you do not know how to play...........

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, I see - the better your shots, the worse you make your opponent's shots.

    I've seen something similar in bars, but with shots and peanuts.

    And ending with a trip to A&E.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Are bats and balls involved? You ping a ball at your opponent and if you get it in their beer they have to drink it? L

    6 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Beer Pong is played either one on one or with teams of two on each side of the table. There are 10 cups on each side in the triangle formation, the goal is to throw the ball into the opposing teams cups. If a "cup" is made the opposing team must drink that cup. ie. If I throw a ball into a cup on the other side of the table, the team on that side of the table must drink that cup. If you bounce the ball into the opposing teams cup they must drink 2 cups. There are many variations on how to play this game but that is, from my experience, the most common.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I forgot to say, to win you must make the other team drink all of their cups, if you do this they must also drink what remains on your side of the table.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Basically, you bounce a ball before the middle white line, and try to get it in one of the cups. Then take a drink of course! :D