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Introduction: Begginers Simple Knex Gun

About: I like supersmash and like to make knex guns in my spare time and i play videogames and my favorite cadigory is shooter.

This is a knex gun that i made for begginers at makeing knex guns that fires about 20-30 ft and you can mod it to anyway you like. If you have any mods send them in a message or a comment and tell me how you made it. If you have ANY mods for this gun to make it go further or anything else please please please please please PLEASE!!!!!! put them in a comment. Note: I forgot to add to put ductape on the fireing pin.Im not very good at makeing my own knex guns so can you help me?

Step 1: All the Parts You Need

what you need:
two blue rods
11 three toothed pieces
2 small grey or white connectors
4 yellow five toothed pieces or half a snowflake piece
4 green four toothed connectors
5 green or black super short connectors
2 doubled side connectors with hole in middle
1 grey med piece
and i didnt put in was the red piece wich is two thirds of the black or grey long rod.

Step 2: Barrel

This is a simple barrel and it goes 1 grey, 4 yellow, and i put in the thing that holds the rod (the black half circle thingy in killerk's barrel) then another yellow, 3 grey's, the trigger, and five grey's. If you can make an autoload hopper for this please post it.

Step 3: Handle

It uses two grey, four green, two grey rods, and four black stubby rods, and two blue rods

Step 4: Fireing Pin

Very simple, just take the fireing rod and attach the double sided conector to it and tape (sorry its not in my picture). I threaded 4 rubberbands through.

Step 5: Put It All Together

This just shows the gun put together.The handle is attached in the back of the barrel where the grey is closest to. The fiering pin is pulled back behind the trigger, and the trigger is put down so it blocks the fireing pin from going through the barrel.



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    I've made this, with several modifications, including a 'cap gun' attachment. Going to make an instruct-able on it, but will provide a link back to here.

    1 reply

    Never made an instructable, but the "cap gun" attachment consisted of a one of the connectors from a normal size block, to a small size block. The small end fits nicely into the cap from a cap gun ring. Mount that on the front, and have the firing pin smack against it. BANG!

    block trigger... XD


    I just love the part list - it shows exactly the pieces that we want!!!

    to make it faster to reload pul a rubberband over the black trigger so it automaticly clicks back into place when pulling the rubberband  back : P

    What is the black half circle thing in killer k's barrel?

    you forgot the 2 reds in the pic mrmoonatic

    annd,this is for beginners,and its a couple years old. This instructable is for bnoobs, unless ur a noob.

    I love how you did the parts list

    GOOD JOB =)

    i dont know why but i rated this 5* =P it twas' the first knex gun i ever made

    WOW, its a block trigger, but everyone loves it!

    Wow this is strong! I used some duct tape and the orange piece flew strong out and the yellow rod fired making a dent in my wall! I guess Ill use more tape.