Beginners Nail Art




Introduction: Beginners Nail Art

Are you new to nail art like me? Don't feel lost. Once all these famous nail artists were beginners like you and I.

Apart from all the simple nail arts we see. I have bought for a little different nail arts to try at home with simple tools such as A simple thin paint brush Ear buds Toothpicks Bobby pins etc. I hope you enjoy my little effort.

Step 1: Nail Art Equipments

You don't need expensive nail enamels for nice nail art. Can you guess the price of each nail enamel I have in the picture? Let me know it the comments below

a thin paint brush

few nail paints

poster paints

Step 2: Diy Manicure

The most crucial step required for any nail art as actually the preparation of our nail beds.

Eg No yellow nails No hanging nails Perfect shaped nails. For this you need some ingredients from ur kitchen and a few essential nail care products 1. Nail clipper 2 nail buffer 3 cuticle cutter 4 orange stick ( not shown) 5 any vitamin e cream/ oil / lotion ( almond oil) 6. Nail polish remover From your kitchen Baking soda Lemon/ vinegar Sugar Process ( this process works for yellow nails too) Clean your nails with a nail enamel remover Brush ur nails with solution of lemon juice and baking soda 1:1 Don't discard the skin of lemon, you can use the skin to exfoliate your dead cuticles with help of sugar. Trim your nails to desired length. I like mine a little short. Use cuticle cutter to clean any hanging cuticle. PLEASE don't cut your cuticle extra. It can cause infections. Buff out nails with a nail buff. Use vitamin e oil to nourish ur nails Clean ur nail bed with nail enamel remover to remove oil if your about to apply nail enamel like me. There is picture for you to see the difference after this manicure.

Step 3: Flower Nail Art

Apply single layer of blue nail enamel

Add dots of pink nail enamel Add dot of white nail enamel Mix them up Add leaves with green paint. You can use paint as well.

Step 4: Gold Flower Nail Art

Apply white nail enamel

With help of a thin paint brush add golden leaves ( I used water colour paints) Now again with a thin paint brush makes black out line with help of strokes ( use a nail enamel remover to thin the nail paint applied on the paint brush ( as shown in the picture) Finish it with to coat

Step 5: Canvas Nail Art

Paint your nails a different colour

Apply white nail enamel on 1/3 of the nail with help of a paint brush.

Now make two crosses on the nails making sure the lines meet one an other as shown in the picture.

Finish it of with black curved line.

Step 6: Minions Nail Art

This is a little advanced idea. Yet still I would like you to try it off.

Apply two or more coats of yellow nail colour ( make sure you let the coats dry completely)

Paint ur 1/3 nail as a tetragon in blue nail enamel.

Apply black lines with help of thin paint brush as shown in the picture.

Add drops of white as eyes Let it dry Add black dots to complete the eye as well as thin lines for lips.

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    cool i will try these and not to be rude but you need to explain it more. Explain it in depht, step by step. you dont have 2 change the pic but on half of them i can only go by the pics

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    1 dollar at the dollar tree

    I enjoyed reading your instructable. I was very impressed with your designs. It must be a little tricky to paint both hands. I am clicking for you. I wish the very best for your instructable and do have a great weekend~


    umm, is it like rs.100?
    i voted 4 u though

    Stay tuned for more of them in this same instructable

    This is an amazing instructable! I watch nail art tutorials a lot and these are great tutorials!

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