Best Way to Remove a Wart at Home




the best way to remove a wart is not to cut it off- it will most likely grow back. also if you go to the dermatologist that is expensive. the best way to remove warts is to use garlic. the acid burns the wart off for good and it doesnt even hurt-- inless you mess up and make the piece of garlic bigger than your wart.

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Step 1: Materials

all you need to remove a wart painlessly,inecpensively,and perminantly is garlic, a knife, and some tape.

Step 2: Steps

1) peel the garlic
2) cut a sliver of garlic the same shape and size of your wart
3) duct tape or masking tape to hold the garlic on-- these work the best
4) keep the garlic on for 15 minuets a day and in acouple of days you will notice that the wort will be slowly getting smaller and then eventually it will be gone-- the wart will dissapear between 4-8 days. keep in mind most warts will grow back after bieng cut.



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    Question 3 months ago on Step 2

    Does warts grow big when you are pregnant


    9 months ago

    I have something in the center of my chest, recently a dermatologist told me that he thinks it is a wart. It started out as flat, round and brown when I was 12 years old, then it grew outwards and looked like a round brown mole. I am 51 years old now. This wart is about the size of a large pea now and sort of feels like jelly, it is not hard. I always try not to irritate it, it is in a sensitive place. It could easily rip if something (like a necklace) gets caught on it. What is the best way to treat and get rid of this wart?


    Question 1 year ago

    I've just realised that wart is growing near my vagina.I want it gone,,what do i do??please help


    3 years ago

    I did this, however I left the garlic on overnight. In the morning, the wart was.BLACK. I thought I was gonna pass out from fear. Anyway, the skin was also kinda boggy and smelled of garlic. I poked at it a bit, and realized that I could peel the blackened wart right off!!!! Underneath, the skin was beautiful and pink!!! ( and no, Id prolly neer have the nerve to do that again.)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    How you treat a wart all depends on where it is located. I successfully made a (stucco) wart disappear from my face (cheek) after letting freshly squeezed garlic sit on it (covered with plastic wrap) for an entire night. If you use this method, put some vaseline around the wart before you apply the garlic as it is SORE! It takes one week for the wart's scab to fall off (don't touch it, don't pick the scab, try to keep it dry during showering). Leaves a little scar. But (just as when a doctor helps you to make a wart go away) it grew back and kept on growing bigger (close to half an inch).

    After years of experimenting I finally got it. I had some ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO which I dotted that nasty skin fungus with (the small white dots that appear on arms etc.) and figured, what if a wart is also a fungus? I applied it to the wart and let it dry and then forgot about it. After about three days it started crumbling off. I helped it a little with sandpaper (not too coarse but not too fine either). Now I do this as maintenance because stucco warts tend to grow back. Bit of shampoo, let it dry, and then sand it a few days later. A little scar is easy to cover with a bit of foundation, but a stucco wart is not!

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    which brand? do you have link of the one u use? my ex. who got infected. needs some solutions. I still have to check myself. but my doctor said if i had no warts to forget about it LOL. I am still worry I might get something. but, never hurts to be safe than sorry.


    i have this wart for the first times on my foot and this annoys me everytime i wear skirts. its huge and it embarras me a lot. i cut it once and even tried to burn it but it only came back. but ill try this one.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going to give this a try because it makes sense. Back before we had antibiotics, a common treatment for surface wounds was to put garlic compresses on them because they have a strong antibiotic effect, but they had to be very careful not to leave them on too long because it would blister the skin. Blistering a wart in an antibiotic environment makes sense.well


    someone please help!! i have a wart on my left foot and it is a bit painful whenever i take a step and i also have a wart on my right foot(which isnt so bad) but i really want to remove it in the most gentle, easy, effective, short amount of time, cheap as possible!
    I'm scared of freezing it because my brother once got his wart freezed and he was crying his eyes out! and i also don't want it having anything to do with pain!! Please answer


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i have had warts for one year now... i had one on my left hand, used compund W, and it didn't come back. but i had one on my right hand after, at the base of the middle finger.then one at the tip, and then on my thumb. IT KEEPS SPREADING! i have 2 on the inside of my ring finger. 11 (or 13 theres a cluster of 3) on the inside of my middle finger. 1 on the outside of my middle finger. one on the inside of my pointer finger. and 5 on the inside of my thumb. these are all on the right hand. i also have 1 on my foot. so in total i have 20 warts, and they r ruining my life. i'm in grade seven and i am sacred of blood, so no cutting. garlic, have u met my mom? compund W? ain't nobody got time for dat. actually my warts have become, like, immune to compund W. it used to work but then i quit for a while, tried again (same bottle of stuff) and it didn't do anything. if i cut it out of my middle finger, the entire inside skin would be gone. so what else can i try that doesn't involve, 1. being emo, and cutting your self. 2 using duct tape. or 3 compound W. like i said i am a grade seven, and am right handed, so its hard to write, it hurts. also today i used a "test dummy" wart on my thumb, cut it, and it didn't bleed. but i didn't get the root. will it grow back out? pls help, i'm in desperate need of it.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You are using something to spread them. Any time you have a break in the skin the virus will enter look at the instructions above your post that I have posted. Use the nail file to sand away the callus but not to the point it bleeds if you don't like the sight of blood. This treatment is long 21 days but it will work. I used three boxes of band aids. Apply the bandages with the plastic glue strip on the wart remover. If you let the callus stay the wart remover will not get in and irritate the skin and you will not kill the wart. Follow the instructions to the letter and you will start to clear these up. Be patient it can take a long time to get them all.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    All of these home remedies are smoke and mirrors. I used the home burn it off method with the over the counter freezer It is a total waste of money. I spread a wort to several places by using nail clippers to cut one off. I had 2 on the top of my toe, 2 in the cuticles of 2 different fingers, and 2 on the side of 1 finger. I had all of them liquid nitrogen at the same time. This is very painful. The 2 on my toe were killed but the others remained. I slowly performed the steps out lined below and I have killed them all. When you use a over the counter wart remover all it does is irritation the skin so your body recognizes the wart as an invader. Duct tape irritates the skin and your body will kill the invader. The true way to remove a wart at home is these steps:
    1. Buy yourself some cheap nail clippers and a cheap course nail file. (you will throw these away after your wart is gone). Never use these on any other part of the body or it will get infected with a wart also.
    2. You have to cut away the callus skin to effectively kill the virus. Do not mutilate yourself but get the callus off with the nail clippers.
    3. Take the nail file and file the callus away until you see a very small amount of blood. The blood is the capillary vessels that are feeding your wart. As you kill the wart back you will continue to remove callus that will protect the roots. You will irritate the skin by removing a small layer to keep the wart exposed. Do not sand to where you are bleeding profusely just enough for the small capillaries to show red.
    4. Apply any of the wort medicines that contain salicylic acid. All of them do.
    5.Apply a cheap plastic bandage with the plastic DO NOT PUT THE PAD OVER THE WART I use the cheapest store brand plastic bandages. Using the cloth bandages or applying the pad to the wort is not effective. The skin must be irritate the whole time.
    If your skin is wrinkled and damp you are doing it right.
    6. You MUST repeat step 4 and 5 everyday
    7. You MUST repeat steps 3,4 and 5 every 2 days. As you kill the wart back you will continue to remove callus that will protect the roots. You will irritate the skin by removing a small layer to keep the wart exposed. Do not sand to where you are bleeding profusely just enough for the small capillaries to show red.
    8. Continue for 21 days and then stop.
    The wart will look like it is still there but it will be killed and over the next week or so the area will clear up.
    If you go to the dermatologist all the do is cut away the callus irritate it with liquid nitrogen and tell you to go to the store and buy a wort remover that contains salicylic acid. I hope this helps.
    Thanks for the place to help others with this horrible virus.

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    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Freezing worked fine for me. I had 10 warts at the time and visited the doc for freezing three times. I saw no results and had spent $120, so I stopped going and decided to do it myself. I bought a can of the computer dust cleaner, turned it upside down with a q-tip on the wart and used it twice a week. It hurt like hell but after a month or two they were all gone. This was over two years ago.

    There is a link on how to do it on this site, but I didn't know about it at the time:

    I found that if the wart is round and smooth that the dust cleaner will work as mentioned. It is possible to burn the skin. You could start out by trying it just a little. When I found that there was a scab forming on top of the wart, I knew it was working.

    This method, for me, worked well on smaller warts. It takes more than the advertised one use.

    The dollarstore sells a waterproof medical tape. Cut that and it makes the skin like it's been soaking in water all day. This would be about the same as the duct tape, I assume, but a lot easier to cut and paste.


    12 years ago

    Ok, I really thought someone was going to mention the right way to go about this but since no one did I will. Since we don't live in the dark ages of medicine anymore, the current best way to remove a wart is to freeze it off, now this used to be expensive to go to the doctor and have them do this. But the wonderful people at Compound W came out with freeze off, it's over the counter, it's cheap and it works. I think it uses liquid oxygen or something to that extent, so please everyone stop mutilating themselves with nails and toenail clippers.

    4 replies

    What's cheaper is the computer duster in a can that is much, much more cheaper. Take a Q-Tip, turn the can upside down, slowly release the trigger and spray until the tip is dripping. Apply it to the wart. This slightly stings. This works will with skin tags too. At 14 bucks or more for the stuff in the over the counter RX department versus 5 bucks in the computer department and the first gives you only 5 applications, if you're lucky and the latter, 50 or more, you choose.

    What I've found is that if the wart is smooth and round, it can be frozen off after a few times. Calloused, neither the dust off or approved freezing method works.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    sorry, freeze off doesn't work.....tried every single kind of wart freezing brand and they just grew looks like they will go away..tehy get smaller but don't disapear completely and grow back...i tried teh clipper appraoch too...i will try the garlic...