Billboard Project




the billboard project is essentially us trying to use the LCD and program it to say multiple messages using a number pad, and coding. after we had the coding down we had to find a way to make a stand and put the led on it to-look like a billboard.

Step 1: Step1:Get Your Equipment

Here is the list of parts you need.

Arduino uno



USB cable

310K ohms resistor

Number pad

20 wires

Step 2: Step 2:setup

We used circuit 15 but then made a little tweaks by taking out the potentimeter and wires connecting to it. Then we put the number pad on the breadboard to c19, c21, c23, and -.We connected 3k ohms resistortor to a19 and a21, a23. Then wires connecting to b19, b21,and b23 would go to pin 8 9 10.

Step 3: Step 3: Putin in the Codes

We used the push button code to make the number pad work and used the LCD codes to make the LCD work. We made little tweaks to code.



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