Birthday Cake Cookie

Introduction: Birthday Cake Cookie

Me and my Girlfriend decided for my sisters 18th we would bake her a wicked cake, but because my culinary skills leave something to be desired the cake stuck to the pan and looked rubbish, tasted good but however my sister was due back 30 minutes later and thus we had to think of a quick simple solution so here it is..  XD

This is my first instructable, sorry for the lack of pictures fridge broke down day after doing it so ended up having to eat it. :) 

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Step 1: Baking

first to make this cookie base what you need  is a cookie mix recipe or one of those box mixes of cookie. as we did not have the time to prepare a cookie from scratch we used a box which only cost £1.50 :) with this in mind if you are short of time i would recommend using one of them as you cannot get them wrong and the instructions are really easy.

Step 2: Decorating

This is the part i found most difficult as my hands are not made for delicate jobs, so sit back and let the girlfriend do the job for you :) Depending on what you want to make you have the choice of either icing or marzipan and of course which you prefer the taste of. What we used was coloured icing and this meant we did not need to colour it ourselves. I tried but all i manged to  do was make a huge brown blob so don't bother.

We made her favourite things;
blackberry (with BBM on it) 
Cola bottle 
Hair straighteners 
Her car 
A big cigarette 
A champagne bottle with her name on it 
Music Notes 
And balloons with 18 on them. 
and also her 
we also scattered pink and white candy balls over the butter icing. 

Step 3: Butter Frosting

There is literally no way you can get this wrong, icing sugar, butter and a few drops of water, seriously that easy! Then spread over your cookie. and get ready for another delicate step.

Step 4: Decorating

Now as you have just laid the butter icing over the cookie push your decorations into the icing and allow it to cool in the fridge as otherwise the icing decorations just go soggy.

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