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Introduction: Black Eyed Statue

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today im going to show to you how to make a black eyed statue i call it this but therte must be other names! so lets get started shall we. you will need these : picture bellow

Step 1: Step 1

first you need to pick up the long piece of screwdriver and the 2 gold long nails and then bend them like

Step 2: Step2

then dont forget to stick the legs on like pic bellow and then you can stick the rest of the bitts
you won't need all of the material i showed you next is something else like the arms
or something.

Step 3: Step 3

now lets get going with the rest of the thingsuse one of thesegrey stuff

Step 4: Last Step

for last and not all the finnish touch you can bassically hang it any where you want



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    It's certainly an interesting looking art piece. I think you could improve your instructable though by putting in some of the missing steps. For example, your statue goes from having legs to being completely finished. What about adding the head and body? Also, some of your pictures are dark and blurry. Could those be retaken?

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    yer il retake a pics i just need to wait for my dad to get me a new digi cam for me until then im sorry im 13 what do you expect im new to this my teacher has jopined 3 years ago so he is helping me out by the way how did you find this what did you do to find it

    Hey, Stargazer, all newly-published projects get listed under "recent". Click Explore, then select recent and you see the most recently-published work.

    (If you want, we can sit down and go through this project in detail after Easter, see where you can improve it.)

    Simple - 211 people saw the title in the "recent" list, and had a look at it. That's a decent start, given that your first imge isn't very attractive. As your projects get better (and especially when your photos get better), your view-counts will go up.

    thx MR L that is my first one thats not that good. a person said it was and so did daniel O. what did u think?