Blind Fold Out of Sun Goggle Sunglasses

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Intro: Blind Fold Out of Sun Goggle Sunglasses

welcome today i am going to show you how to turn a pair of biker goggles into a niffy bondage blind fold

first you will need the following materials

1 pair of goggles

2 one hot glue gun

3 some sturdy clips

4 a plastic like canvas material

5 scissors

Step 1:

start by poping out the lenses but don't lose em we will need the for the next step

Step 2:

take the lenses and clips and place them onto the fabric like so and take the scissors and cut as close as your can to match the lense

Step 3:

take the cut out and put them in where the lens used to be

Step 4:

now flip them over and with your hot glue gun

glue a ring to hold the "lens" in place let cool then fill in agian let cool and tada

Step 5:

and there you have it

i made these because u didn't like how the only other way to make something like this was to paint the lenses and they kind of looked like crap

side notes

i found the elastic straps to be too lose for my taste so i a tightened the up a bit to get them form fitting

also results will vary depending on what fabric you use i suggest you take a sample and see how it will react in the lens lining before using the hot glue

i hope this toy bring out some enjoyment and many happy hours of use farewell for now


The Grim One

Step 6:



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