Blinking LED


Introduction: Blinking LED

if u do it right u will have the LED go off and on 
put the pieces together  as shown 

Step 1:

try and and fallow along this is my first instructables 

Step 2:

make sure u get this right

Step 3:

attach as shown 

Step 4:

do your best to wire it right 



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    2 Discussions

    An understanding of Knex (or is it Knox?) is needed to understand this Instructable. Maybe since this project appears to be 100% Knex it would have made sense to say Knex in the title. Labelling this Blinking LED is somewhat misleading as anyone looking for instructables on making leds blink aren't likely to be looking to make merry-go-rounds.

    Nice ible otherwise!

    I don't really understand the point of this and there are no instructions. It would really help others build it if you talked about the build process and the overwall task of the machine.