Blowgun Darts




Introduction: Blowgun Darts

how to make a blowgun dart

Step 1: Piece of Bamboo

you will need a piece of bamboo as big around as a drinking straw
make sure the bamboo has a hole in the middle of it then cut the bamboo about 1 and a half inches long then cut a slice about a half
of a inch long down the back of it...

Step 2: Yarn

you need to get some yarn for the balance and cut 5 pieces 1 inch long you will slid them in the crack shown in the last step...

Step 3: A Nail

get a nail and cut it with some pliars or use a saw make sure you cut the nail about a inch long and stick the dull part in the bamboo hole on the other side of the bamboo shown in last step

Step 4: The Dart

now u have adart please be carefull and have fun!!!!!!!!!!



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    I would have said spelling... but to each his own. I don't like to be too mean, though

    I gotta say great pics!! (bad darts =( ) what kinda cam u use???

    all of you people need to get real with the blow darts (no offence). Like for instance,drinking straws as a blowgun? see my instructables and you will be impressed.

    1 reply

    You have no comments, that's sad. I'd suggest you update this Instructable with higher quality pics--Elaborate on your instructions (what if you don't have a nail, make the gun out of bamboo, etc.) Then repost and try again--this Instructable is based on a good idea but was poorly written. More Comments to ya. PS:The dull part of the nail is called the head.