Blue Barrel Chair



Introduction: Blue Barrel Chair

Got an idee with 2 blue barrel i have recived from a friend...

make a cool retro chair which i can use to my arcade donkey kong barrel board

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Step 1: Cutting Out the Profile

I use several attemp to make it comfortable to have a seat, cut out a plywood plate for the seat made an hole so it easily can be removed and you have an sceret place for ex. beer and other stuff yuo have to hide for your wife ;-)

Step 2: Artwork

on the side I use some insulating tape light blue and white it took long time to messure out where the letter should stand

Step 3: Edging

found some black edging to finish aruond the edges, a friend of mine made me two pillow

Step 4: Artwork on the Pillow

print out some figure with Mario and Doknkey Kong I could easily wipe it on then finally I put the on backpillow with velcro

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    5 years ago

    Great repurposing job! :)