Boardom Idea #1:flying Gatorade Cap Disk

About: I like playing guitar and hard rock. All of my instructables from the past, were from when i was a little kid screwing around on here, so don't mind them really.

welcome to the boardom series!this instructable will show you a cool trick you can do with ant ordinary Gatorade cap!

Step 1: Supplies

you will need:

a gatorade cap
 fingers (yours)
a large hallway

Step 2: Setup

put your thumb around the cap then put your index finger on the other side with the tip curled in.

Step 3: Launch

after setup while your index finger is curled make it roll down the bottom of the cap while it rols up your thumb pretty fast then watch it fly! it will kinda curve if you you do it really fast not strait. you'll get the hang of it!



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