Bojagi for 4 Bottles




Introduction: Bojagi for 4 Bottles

this time bojagi is about carrying 4 bottles.

Step 1: Place the Four Bottles at the Center of the Bojagi in the Shape of a Diamond.

Step 2: Take Two Opposing Corners and Pull Each in Between the Bottles to the Other Side.

Step 3: Take the Two Remaining Corners and Repeat the Process.

Step 4: Pull Ear #1 Beneath #2, #2 Beneath #3, #3 Beneath #4, and #4 Beneath #1 to Create a Hash

Step 5: Clean Up the Bojagi Near the Necks of the Bottles.

Step 6: Repeat Step 4 to Create Another Hash. the Results Will Look Best If the Inner Lining Is Revealed

Step 7: Pull the Four Ears to Tighten the Hash

Step 8: Take Two Adjacent Ears and Twist Each, Then Tie Two Knots to Create a Handle.

Step 9: Take the Two Remaining Ears and Repeat the Process to Create a Second Handle.



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