Bolo Rounds for Slingshots




Introduction: Bolo Rounds for Slingshots

i am a novice at slingshooting and like most novices i first started by shooting lead sinkers, however i have large number of sinkers that are not sphere in shape which prevents them for flying try and makes hard to practice so inspired the shot gun bolo round i have knocked some up miniture.

you will need
- pairs of sinkers, any size or shape
- gardening wire or snare wire
- scissors or pilers

all you need do is cut some wire and fold it back and twice it down, as long as you do this you can join as many sinkers together as you like to create a bigger round

I have used a piece of cardboard to show the impact patern off all three sinkers. This test is not perfect doesn't demonstrate the penetration but it demonstrates well that the bolo caused more damage then the sum of its parts. i would love to see what it does to balistic jell but.... i dont have none

i would also like hear any other ideas for uncoventional ammo you guys have
cheers skimmo

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    A used to use .45 cal lead balls for black powder. Probably more $$ than sinkers but very accurate and deadly.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    oops... double post, but i did want to mention a fairly cheap supply of ammo.

    if you go to the craft section of a lot of wal-mart style stores, you can find marbles at a really good price. they're supposed to be used in vases, or something, but there's really no difference between them and normal marbles (other than the price). as an added benefit, the clear ones will catch sunlight and practically glow; making it easier to follow with your eye. almost like slingshot tracer rounds.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    cool ied i have been using marbles, but there quite light


    8 years ago on Introduction

    interesting idea. is the accuracy unchanged? or, at least, not changed dramatically?